The Loop
The Loop (vlnr): Michael Welzel (b), Volkhard Schuster (git/voc), Michael “Bronco” Brunckhorst (dr)

Michael “Bronco” Brunckhorst (drums) and Michael Welzel (bass) lay the foundation for Volkhard Schuster (guitar/vocals) to develop his virtuoso guitar work. The result is the dynamic playing style typical of “The Loop” and the earthy sound with which they create a uniquely dense atmosphere between themselves and the audience at every gig. Thus each concert becomes a unique event. As it was typical for the gigs of Rory Gallagher.

Founded in 1993 as a blues rock trio, “The Loop” developed more and more into a “pure” Rory Gallagher tribute band. As a consequence the own songs of the CDs “Had a good time”, “Pain” and “Meerkat” are played live in the same line-up under the name “Volkhard Schuster & The Rhythm Rescue Unit”.

“The Loop” toured England, Ireland and Scotland several times and also played in Switzerland. “The Loop” has been and is a guest at many international Rory Gallagher Tribute Festivals. For example at the International Rory Gallagher Festival Ballyshannon (Ireland), the Oslo Rory Nights (Norway), the Rory Gallagher Review Wiesbaden (Germany), the Rory Gallagher Weekend Fürth (Germany), the International Rory Gallagher Tribute  Manchester (England), the Official Scottish Tribute to Rory Gallagher Glasgow (Scotland).