Michael "Bronco" Brunckhorst (drums)

The Man:
I started playing drums in Hamburg (Germany) back in the late seventieth of the last century in several Jazz-, Blues- and Rockbands.
I also had the opportunity to accompany some Pop musicians. That brought me into TV-Studios of the German Television (MDR, ZDF, HR).
But it was not my business to act to a palyback and so I oriented myself back to "real" music.
Since 2004 I play with the Dirty Dogs, a heavy blues rock Trio. And now I am also with The Loop.

The Drums:
For studio work I use a 1989 Sonor HiLite exclusive. For "live" work I use a DW Collector (maple) or 20" DW with half stacks.

The Cymbals:
K-Zildjian Custom Dry Ride and Anatolian-Cymbals complete my equipment.

E-Mail: Michael