Rory Gallagher Tribute CD

March 1997, we did our first Rory Gallagher Concert at Göttingen. We recorded that Tribute-Gig and made a Rory Gallagher Tribute CD in a limited number of copies. Donal Gallagher, Rory's brother and long-time manager, gaved us license for Rory's material on the projected CD. Thank you once again. We are proud that as far as we know this is the first Rory Gallagher Tribute CD. We were supported by some friends, worth to mention here (click on their names to see a picture of them).

To buy the CD, follow this link: SDKMedia

To see the images enlarged, just click on it. Reviews of the CD and that first Rory-Tribute at Göttingen you find here: Rory Tribute CD // Rory Tribute Gig 1997.