Michael Welzel (bass)

The Man:
My musical career started in a schoolband when I was 14 years old. Soon I became part of the local music-scene and I have been responsible for the deep tones in several blues-influenced bands.
I joined "The Loop" in 1994. To Volkhard I am connected through a musical friendship, that lasts for more than 23 years.

The Bass:
For a classic rock-bass-sound, I prefer fender-style instruments like the "precision-bass", "jazz-bass" or the music man "Sting Ray".
To enlarge rny musical knowledge, I practise playing upright-bass. But that's just for fun. On stage with "The Loop" it's got to be electric.

The Amp:
The actual sound is from a zeck-bass-box with electrovoice speakers and the craaft-bassic amplifier.

E-Mail: Michael

Photo (C) by Christian Reinhard